An Attorney Who Believes In Your Rights

Far too often, those who have been arrested and incarcerated and assume their rights have been taken away forever. At The Derek K. Brown Law Firm, PC, I’m here to show you how that isn’t always the case.

Serving Greenville, North Carolina, Since 2016

Attorney Derek K. Brown

I Am An Attorney Who Aggressively Fights For His Clients

When clients come to me seeking help, they’re not only getting a criminal defense attorney that will fight for them in court, but one who will fight for them outside of it as well. Life doesn’t end during or after an arrest. Even when you’ve been convicted of a crime, there are ways to help you get your life back to normal.

I work with clients who have been charged with a variety of crimes, from traffic violations and DUI to murder, assault or drug charges. If you’re at risk of having your driver’s license suspended, due to DUI or other conditions, I can help you find a solution that will keep you on the road to go to work, school and other necessary trips – lawfully.

I walk into the courtroom with a unique background. Not only have I been practicing criminal defense for many years, but my late father, Earl T. Brown, was a respected attorney in the Greenville area. All my life I have been surrounded by the court system, and in that time, I have learned a great deal about the criminal defense system.

Protecting The Best Interests Of Prospective Pro Athletes

In addition to my work as a criminal defense attorney, I also am an active sports agent for Encore Sports Management. I am certified to represent both NFL and CFL players in North Carolina and am always interested in working with emerging and accomplished players.

Are you a prospective pro athlete seeking out someone to help you get the contract that you feel you deserve? Maybe you just need guidance as you go through the draft process, or you’re just trying to catch on to a camp roster somewhere. Give me a call and let’s go to work!