Fighting For Your Rights And Our Community

Protect Your Rights Against Criminal Charges

When you are facing criminal charges, it pays to know that your attorney has your best interests at heart. Your lawyer has the potential to shape the outcome of your case, and you deserve an aggressive and driven attorney to fight for the best possible outcome in yours.

At The Derek K. Brown Law Firm, PC, I provide experienced and dedicated representation to people throughout North Carolina from my office in Greenville. I know what is at stake in criminal cases, and I make it my mission to pursue the ideal outcome for my clients.

How I Can Fight For You

The key to earning the outcome you deserve in your case is by gathering the vital information of your case. I take the time to learn about all the necessary information in your criminal defense case to build the strongest strategy against charges like:

It is also possible to protect yourself after the sentencing has already happened in your case. For example, I offer services in expunctions and restoring driver’s licenses.

Trying to defend yourself on your own or accepting a plea deal without an attorney present often results in a bad outcome for your case. Instead of taking chances with your future, get the representation you deserve from a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Begin Building Your Defense Today

Time is one of the greatest resources in your case, so be sure you give yourself the time you need by contacting me today. Call me at 252-618-3115 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today. Whether you are facing criminal charges or think you will be soon, do not wait another moment to begin developing the defense strategy you can depend on in your case.