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Skilled Traffic Violation Defense

While a traffic violation may not seem to be a serious problem, it can come with considerable collateral consequences. A conviction or multiple convictions can result in a license suspension or revocation. Losing a license can mean missing work, losing your job and not being able to make ends meet. Instead of giving up on your defense, you can protect your future.

At The Derek K. Brown Law Firm, PC, I help clients throughout North Carolina with their criminal defense needs. I know what is at stake in a DUI or other traffic violation case, and I welcome you to my Greenville office to begin building your defense strategy today.

Pursuing The Ideal Outcome

No matter how bleak things may seem to you, there is always a chance of overcoming your charges. I take the time to thoroughly review your case and look for possible defense methods, including:

  • Proving police error
  • Establishing a lack of probable cause to conduct the arrest
  • Showing there is a lack of evidence or the evidence appears to be tampered with
  • Negotiating for lesser charges or sentencing

If it ever becomes necessary to pursue a plea deal, I can also negotiate on your behalf to maximize your benefits in that deal. Even in the event that the state revokes or suspends your license, I can help you restore your license.

Let Me Fight For You

I am committed to the needs of my clients throughout my community, and I am ready to do what it takes to help you secure the outcome you deserve in your case. If you are ready to begin building a defense strategy with my experience to your advantage, contact me today.

Call my office at 252-618-3115 or email me here to meet with an attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights.