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Get Your Driver’s License Back

It can be easy to forget how necessary it is to be able to drive. Getting to work and school, running errands and even getting to the grocery store can be an extreme hassle if the state revokes or suspends your license. Thankfully, you can fight to get North Carolina courts to reinstate your right to drive.

At The Derek K. Brown Law Firm, PC, I help clients defend their right to drive in traffic violation and DUI cases, and I also help them get their license back after losing it in these types of cases. I welcome you to my Greenville office to see for yourself how I will aggressively fight for your needs.

What Sets Me Apart

Many lawyers will tell you they can help you with your license issues. What sets me apart is that I go the extra mile to get the information I need to pursue the ideal outcome in your situation. For example, for a small fee of $25, I will pull your entire driving record and use that vital information to develop a custom-tailored strategy to represent your needs.

My goal as your legal representation is to help you save time, money and energy in your case. There are several critical deadlines to keep track of in these cases, and instead of juggling your personal needs with this tight timeline, you can rest assured knowing that I am taking on the challenges of your case.

Get Back On The Road Today

If you lost your license due to suspension or revocation, do not assume that you have to wait to get your license back. Contact me today to begin building and pursuing your ideal outcome to get you behind the wheel again. Call me at 252-618-3115 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.